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Typical course units forming the Philosophy stream include: Moral Philosophy; Theory of Knowledge; Philosophy of Science and Ethics. The works of Spinoza.

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the Medieval world (Halevi and Maimonides), the modern Enlightenment (Spinoza and Mendelssohn), and the 20th Century (Buber and Levinas). The focus will be on the relation of religion and reason, and.

My ultimate question concerns the link between these two issues: What relation does an immanent ethics have to the problem of desire? Historically, the first question is primarily linked with the.

“There is a concept which corrupts and upsets all others,” Jorge Luis Borges wrote; “I refer not to Evil, whose limited realm is that of ethics; I refer to the.

and deductions echoes Spinoza’s.

A fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, and of the Royal Society, William Clifford (1845–79) made his reputation in applied mathematics, but his interests ranged far more widely, encompassing ethics .

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Baruch Spinoza - Ethics - Full  Unabridged AudiobookRobert Miner – “Politics as Opposed to Tradition’: The Presence of Nietzsche and Spinoza in.

Yale University Press, 2016. 16. “The Difficulties of Mercy: Reading Thomas Aquinas on Misericordia.” Studies in.

The flesh is not something one has, but, rather.

The Desire to Live: Spinoza’s Ethics under Pressure The Desire to Live: Spinoza’s Ethics under Pressure (pp. 63-89) The desire to live is not an easy.

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Beginning with the rise of rationalism in the seventeenth century under Spinoza and later with the Encyclopedists of the French Revolution, Christian scholars were confronted with the problems of.