Top Selling Indie Authors

and learn how indie shops are succeeding in the age of online retail. “Bookstore Explorer: West Virginia” profiles the.

Kindle indie author is making millions by selling the App Store way – Instead, she’s the best selling indie writer on the Kindle e-book store, and has by some estimates made up to two million dollars selling her books. Why has she made so much money? While.

The 200-page book is the first from the creators of Kazoo, the quarterly indie magazine geared for girls aged 5 to 12 — but.

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25 things to do in Metro Vancouver on Wednesday, February 12 – Wolf Parade, the indie-rock band from Montreal, comes to Vancouver with songs from Thin Mind.

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the author, on Harper Collins’ website. 3 2000ft Above Worry Level by Eamonn Marra.

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“American Dirt” was the country’s top-selling book last week, now No. 1 on the Publishers Weekly list and St. Louis indie booksellers.

only a dream for most writers.

The streaming service has roped in hit writers including Meghan Trainor.

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